Pitch Fuzz (Agency Holiday Card)

As we slow down for the holidays, Critical Mass would like to take a minute to thank everyone for a fantastic year by sharing Pitch Fuzz. From the late nights to the jubilation of finding the perfect idea, there’s nothing like the feeling of a pitch. But once the deadlines have somehow been met and the adrenaline has faded, a warm, unfocused and generally fuzz feeling takes its place. It doesn’t have a project code, but it does have a name: we call it Pitch Fuzz. Critical Mass likes that feeling so much that we’ve put it in a glass. Share some holiday cheer with those in Adland and beyond. Visit PitchFuzz.com to watch the instructional video, download and print the recipe. So, from all of us at Critical Mass to all of you, here’s a toast in celebration of a great year. Happy Holidays!