The first 2 videos in a 5 part series. These quick and catchy instructional videos demonstrate how easy it is to clean just about anything in the home.

You can view all 5 videos at the link below.



When Clorox approached CM with the opportunity to create a series of videos aimed to educate consumers on the various uses and ease of cleaning with Clorox liquid bleach we asked ourselves…How can we stand out in an online world of creatively lacking “how to’s” and still deliver a meaningful message to our target audience?


What we knew going in:

  1. Moms are looking for an easy, yet effective, solution to clean all ares of the home.
  2. Scare rise of H1N1 and the multitude of products on the market have Moms confused.
  3. Moms are hesitant to use Clorox Regular Bleach in other areas within their homes outside of laundry.

When Clorox, one of the most trusted brands for cleaning, set out to prove how effective cleaning and disinfecting with Clorox Regular Bleach can be we knew we needed to show, rather then tell, the surprising uses of this product.


In order to combat negative views and convert fearful bleach users, our messaging had to illustrate clean, simplicity, and safety. Working closely with Clorox, we created a concept and produced a set of vignettes for use online to showcase the surprising use and ease of cleaning with Clorox Regular-Bleach. Creative concepts, storyboards, shot lists, and post production were all done within CM. The 5 vignettes were shot using a local California crew within the Clorox studio. We teamed with original audio company Comma music who created a campaign track heard across all of the videos.


Our approach with these videos has won over many hearts at Clorox. Being one of our first production pieces with the account we’ve grown our client relationship building trust and faith within our creative ability to produce excellent work. The videos are now seen on, Clorox Facebook pages, and Clorox partners such as We have since provided a Spanish translated version for extended use within the Latino market.

However what’s probably most exciting is when Clorox VP of Marketing Laundry had a look at these he quoted “Why aren’t these on TV” which has resulted with Clorox requesting a :30 edit now being testing within internal focus groups. Fingers crossed within 4-5 weeks we’ll know if this is NBC destined.


Our methodology was simple. We knew what we didn’t want. We didn’t want a typical YouTube How To video where unknown uninteresting spokesperson walks you through step by step the cleaning process using Clorox Regular Bleach. What we did want… simple, straight forward, hero product messaging. We leaned on the Clorox typeface combined with motion typography and a squeaky clean set to let our messaging successfully come through.