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To help drive awareness and increase sales, Clorox2® tasked us with creating an online ad to live on, a one-day homepage takeover targeting women in the U.S. on May 18, 2010.


The “Through the Wash” category has become increasingly competitive in 2010, with Tide® Stain Release entering and OxiClean/Resolve® launching new products. The category is growing and new users are entering, but Clorox2® isn’t seeing its fair share of growth.


We created a floating homepage takeover ad that helped illustrate the stain fighting power of Clorox2®. The stains appeared on colored t-shirts that moved across the page, and then disappeared to show the “right before your eyes” stain fighting power of Clorox2®. The ad offered a $1.50 coupon as the call to action. The ad had a maximum file weight of 60kb (including all files and progressive downloading) which was incredibly limiting, but the creative was very well received despite the limitations.


It was the first time Yahoo targeted women only (based on Yahoo profile data, not behavior), and the ad was expected to garner 75 million impressions. The creative received acclaim within the Clorox® organization, and it outperformed our expectations. We achieved nearly 89 million impressions, and saw an interaction rate of .383%- well above the CPG industry average for such ads (.016% according to Yahoo). The CTR was .38%, and was also above the CPG industry average (.20% according to Yahoo).


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