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As a part of the Clorox Toilet products initiative, the agency teams were tasked with developing a program to celebrate the toilet. ‘Ode to the Commode’ was created as a platform to allow for a number of disparate ideas to exist, while maintaining a strategic link to Clorox and toilets. As a group, hundreds of toilet ideas were put on the wall, and we’re proud to say that many of the ideas that were created by the CM team made the final cut.


What we knew going in:

  1. Low impact, low involvement products are the most difficult areas to gain mass consumer support
  2. Although Clorox is a leader in the category, many people don’t associate Clorox with Toilet products
  3. To reach Moms, maintaining a careful balance of potty humor with clean humor would be the ticket – as elements that are too ‘dirty’ have proven ineffective or worse for other brands (I.E. Method bubbles).

To take advantage of digital channels, our program is designed to have many one off elements so that our fans/consumers stay engaged and to take advantage of a rare opportunity to share with the world our sense of humor.


All ideas were centered around ‘Ode to the Commode’ or celebrating the toilet. Below are a few of the most prominent executions.

Ideas from CM (executed by other teams PR,CP, ATL) :

Flush for a cause – The Clorox® Family of Toilet Products partnered with actress and host Niecy Nash and the World Toilet Organization (WTO) to launch “Flushing for a Cause," a campaign to help increase awareness of those with access to "flushing” and those without. The goal was to bring attention to the issue that nearly 40 percent of the world does not have access to toilets and to raise money for the WTO to aid its mission of making toilets accessible and affordable throughout the world. At the event in Grand Central terminal in NYC, Niecy gave away free tickets to travelers going to Flushing, New York. Those outside of New York, could get involved in the campaign by visiting OdeToTheCommode.com and flushing the virtual toilet.

Fabulous flushes – On our facebook page, Clorox gave away weekly trips to visit one of our ‘fabulous flushes’ in locations across the U.S. The campaign was designed to keep our fans coming back and participating in the daily toilet activities.


Dan videos – In order to give consumers an inside look at what it’s like to market toilet products, we created a series of videos with Dan Gagen, Marketing Manager for Clorox Toilet products. The series was designed to be released weekly on Facebook.

Flush a friend – The flush a friend facebook application allowed users to ‘flush’ their friends on Facebook with one of our virtual toilets. Friends would receive the message ‘you’ve been flushed by…’ inviting them to flush back, or flush other friends.


The initiative approach is paying off. The toilet team at Clorox won the prestigious Whoop Ass Award, which is awarded to the business whose share grew the most during the year. Toilet share grew +4 points last fiscal. As a group we’ve had millions of impressions, gained 50,000 facebook fans, 10s of thousands of interactions, 1000s of video views, and we’re still going. The program is continuing this fall with a number of new ideas including ‘The Clorox Toilet Bowl’ and ‘The Next Generation of Potty users’. Probably the biggest testament to our impact at Clorox is how much the team at Clorox values our team.

“We’ve always been impressed with the ideas that your team generates. We feel like if anybody can come up with something for Next Gen of Potty Users, it’d be you guys! No pressure :)” – Wendy Shen, AMM, CLOROX TOILET PRODUCTS


Our methodology is simple. Celebrate the toilet.


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