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Critical Mass was asked to help create a campaign to engage Clorox’s target consumer (the Clutter Free Cleaner) by increasing her interaction online and through social media focusing on the CDW ( Clorox Disposable Wipes) product.


Clorox also sought a way to deliver the brand’s integration idea of “Mastering the Art of Efficiency” via CDW’s superior surface versatility. To achieve this, the Clorox brand needed a hook that was fun and would give consumers a reason to engage online.


The Result: Left or Right? CM came up with a light-hearted Facebook campaign that is overtly tongue-in-cheek, since it clearly doesn’t matter which hand you clean with!
Led by our fearless leaders of the Left and the Right, Dot and Mags, the campaign provides an outlet to all those closet Lefties and proud Righty cleaners wanting to celebrate their natural gift for cleaning with the convenience of CDW. CM created a Facebook page with a left and right tab featuring polls, horoscopes and twitter feeds, and our own stop motion arts and crafts-style videos featuring Dot and Mags.
You can see them in action on the Clorox facebook tab called “Left vs Right”.


The facebook tab launched on July 12th, 2010. The tab had nearly 41,000 page views in one day, and within a week proud CDW users added 5,000 new fans to the Clorox Facebook fanbase with limited media drivers.


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